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It is our mission to allow children to experience learning in a way that will lead to  the enjoyment of their school
environment. Making Choices ,asking questions and learning responsibities starts while they are in a Montessori prepared environment. Children  work at their own pace with individual instruction and hands on Montessori materials.
As a result children will continue to make good choices and love learning throughout their lives.
About Us
Offering a full Montessori academic program which includes ;
Reading,Writing, Mathematics,Practical Life,Sensorial Areas of the classroom
Traditional preschool and kindergarten activities also included;Reggio Art,Music,Story,Crafts,Drama,unit studies,science
Field Trips 
Options Include;
"Musical Kids" Kristen Sample,teacher
Gymnastics @Danick Gym,Eagle,Idaho
Spanish Class' Helen Moore,teacher
Full Day $540.00 per month (or more hours is considered full time.)
Part Day 8:30-11:30 or 3 full days-$356.00 per month
Kindergarten is an academic Montessori Program.Children work on all areas-Reading,writing,math,language and unit studies
 Parents enjoy the convenience and safety of their children being in one location all day.
Children love Montessori Kindergarten
Full Day $540.00 per month
Half Day $356.00 per month
Afternoon care for kindergarteners available from Pierce Park,Shadow Hills,Cynthia Mannn
cost $85.00 annually (sibling discounts)
Now $20.00 off when you register your child before August 25th,2010.
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